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Monster Planes

January 24th, 2005

To say that there is a stark contrast between what the UK government claims is needed in order to combat climate change, and what they are actually doing is something of an understatement. This hypocrisy was highlighted for me last week by the unveiling of a new ‘Super Jumbo’ – a new plane designed to carry up to 555 passengers. Lets cut through the greenwash about more passengers per flight, and realise that in order to deal with climate change we need drastic cuts in our CO2 emissions. Is a new class of super planes going to achieve that? I don’t think so.

As is usual for the Guardian, they edited my letter about the launch of the new plane almost to death, but at least they put in the link to the Airport Pledge – getting the site in there was my main aim.

Here’s the unedited version:

Tony Blair’s pride at the unveiling of the new monster-plane (Airbus unveils ‘superjumbo’, January 18) is typical of the UK government’s hypocrisy on climate change, on one hand claiming to lead the world in CO2 reductions, and at the same time promoting air travel, the single most environmentally damaging form of transport. If Tony really wants to “change the way we travel” he should start by calling a halt to all new airport development in the UK, personally signing the Pledge Against Airport Expansion at and putting into place efficient, affordable, clean public transport.

Matthew Carroll

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