Youth Caucus Statement on CSD13 Draft Decisions

We were up late last night. The youth caucus spent the afternoon reviewing the draft decisions from CSD13 and it’s not great at the moment. For one there are no time frames, and very few specifics as to how the goals on water, sanitation and human settlements would be achieved. That’s what we’re supposed to be here for. As well as pulling the text apart, and writing out what we see as being the key points that are missing from the text, a small group worked late into the night drafting a statment for this morning’s opening session. We tried really hard to get all of the points we saw as important to be changed into the statement, but this morning we timed it with emmanual, who read the statement, and we had to make some fairly drastic cuts to get it within the time limit. That was a shame — we had so much to say, and not enough time to make our important points. (Also, in the last minute editing, some points we had agreed were important got cut by mistake.) We distributed the statement, and the longer document of all our lobbying points on the text, to all the governments and have been lobbying much of the day. The statement went across quite well, and we found our points in line with a number of the other Major Group statements. The NGOs’ statement was especially hard-hitting, criticising the lack of specific mechanisms and commitments by governments. It’s a shame we didn’t manage to make our statement stronger, but there’s a limit to what you can do at 4am

Anyway, here is the statement, and the lobbying points

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