Overland Ontario to San Fransisco

4 days, 3 trains, thousands of miles of amazing North American countryside whistling past… I’m travelling overland from Toronto, Canada, to San Fransisco, USA, for a three-day Energy Action meeting next weekend. Why? Because it’s possible. Because it’s cheaper than flying. Because the alternative was 6 flights for the round trip, and because at some point we have to start leading by example, realise that stopping climate change means slowing down a bit, and take the leisurely option for our long-distance travel. I can’t wait.

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    Just thought I’d say hi to another Matt Carroll in Toronto! I can actually see a resemblance between your website pic and pictures of me from 5 years ago. Scary stuff!


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    hello matthew, good on yer, setting the right example. you know i am a big fan of overland travel myself. but in the usa i always thought trains are mad expensive and i am glad to hear that they can compete with over-subsidised flight prices. if there would only be sustainable ways to cross the shaglantic.. uh, found something! the cruise people (freighters, has a faq section), cunard (queen mary 2, from $1000 one way), freighter world (starting from $70 per day) and freighter travel club (less commercial, check out the “tramps&specials” section, from $45 per day!). get up, stand up, don’t give up the fight! :) meinhard, in bucharest at the moment.

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    just couldn’t stop surfing on those freighter sites.. this is an excellent homepage by an enthusiast: http://www.geocities.com/freighterman.geo/mainmenu.html

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    Funny that you brought up crossing the pond. I’m trying to sort out getting across from Montreal to Amsterdam by boat this summer – some people came across by freighter ship to ecotopia last summer. I’ll be sure to post details :-)

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