Who’s Googling Your Genes?

In their biannual Captain Hook Awards for Biopiracy, the Coalition Against Biopiracy has dubbed Google Inc. Biggest Threat to Genetic Privacy for teaming up with J. Craig Venter to create a searchable online database of all the genes on the planet so that individuals and pharmaceutical companies alike can ‘google’ our genes – one day bringing the tools of biopiracy online.

From the nomination:

Google’s motto, “Don’t be Evil,” may soon take a backseat to a new mission statement unveiled by CEO Eric Schmidt in early March 2006: “We want to be able to store everybody’s information all the time.” Already causing concern over the way it uses (or could use) the vast amount of Google-user information it has collected and stored over the years, the company has now set the sights of its all-seeing eyes even higher. Google’s massive computer power and cutting-edge data-mining capacity make it a logical partner for Craig Venter and his ever-expanding collection of DNA samples taken from humans, animals and microbes living in soil, sea and air.

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