The Denial Machine

Did you know that big oil companies throughout the USA and Canada employ the same Public Relations firms that were used by the Tobacco lobby in the ’60s to deny the link between smoking and Cancer? Did you realise that the Bush White House has been systematically suppressing reports on the science of climate change, and using executive power to edit language written by scientists, to create the illusion of uncertainty where there is none? Canadians, did you realise just how deep the links between the denial machine in the USA, big oil south of the border, and Stephen Harper’s government really go?

It’s not often that I am truly impressed by a piece of main-stream investigative journalism, but this documentary from the CBC’s hard-hitting Fifth Estate series is clear, well presented, and damning in the evidence it presents. Please, watch it, and get your friends to watch it too.

(Running time: 41 Minutes. Watch on Google Video.)

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    Thanks for the video, here in Australia there is no longer any doubt in the publics mind. We have just had some of the strangest weather ever.

    We have the worst drought on record, along with a %75 failure in the wheat crop along with massive failures in fruit crops due to one unseasonable frost and snow in November. Remember we are down under so that’s like snow in late May.

    Australia is currently importing wheat to meet export contracts!

    Regardless of the causes the simple fact is that long before the oceans rise global food security will be at risk. Global warming is not just about more heat but also the distribution of that heat otherwise known as the seasons.

    It is more about a disruption the way the seasons behave and the its effect upon our food crops. The problem is not about the oceans rising it’s about what we will have to eat and drink.

    Our entire civilization is completely dependent on smooth predictable seasons for food production it the climate changes the crops that worked for one location will fail and there will be no way of knowing what to plant where or when.

    If there is one thing central to all the climate predictions is that they are always out side of our life times, they are always talking about in 50 or 100 years time.

    So it’s always someone else’s problem because we will all be long gone. This is the ultimate piece of spin. Lets screw up the lives of people who haven’t even been born yet. Quiet an achievement when you think about it

    I can still remember when this all first started in the mid 60’s when the term greenhouse was first used.

    It was agreed that this could become a serious problem in 30 to 40 years time and we would have to do something about it. Nothing was done

    Now their talking about 2050, and still nothing is done.

    I think we are all missing the point the climate has changed its not something in the future it has already happened.

    Welcome to the future

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