Tell Harper: Stop Blocking UN Climate Talks

Stephen Harper and Big Oil As the UN climate talks continue in Bali, and many countries continue trying to make progress on international agreements on dealing with climate change, Canada’s conservative government seems to have a different plan – do the bidding of big oil and sabotage all progress at the climate talks, contrary to the wishes of most Canadians. So far has Canada slipped, under the current government, from its former position as bastion of international diplomacy at the Montreal negotiations two years ago, that at the weekend Canada won the “fossil of the day” award, for doing the most to block progress at the negotiations.

It’s time to make some noise, Canada: head on over to and tell Harper to stop blocking the UN climate talks. It only takes a minute.

Once you’ve done that, read on for more contact details. A phone call is worth a thousand emails…

Here are a few more places you could telephone:

Stephen Harper
Telephone: (613) 992-4211
Constituency Office: (403) 253-7990

Office of the Minister of the Environment
(819) 997-1441
In Indonesia: 085857032508

Environment Canada
(819) 934-8008
In Indonesia: Gregory Jack

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    After huge pressure, both from within Canada and abroad, Harper was forced to back down at the end of the Bali climate negotiations. Avaaz is declaring “we won”, and the globe and mail is also covering the story. Thank you to everyone who signed the petition, called Harper, or worked on the campaign here or in Bali.

    Personally I don’t think we will have won until the international climate talks stop being a constant battle just to prevent the governments of the world from moving backwards. We pour all our efforts into simply keeping the process from going off the rails, when what we really need to be doing is coming together as a world to actually deal with climate change rather than petty politics and big oil’s stranglehold on our democracy.

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