10 x 10 Permaculture Garden

10 x 10 Permaculture Garden

Yesterday our wonderful friend Rin held the first of a series of three workshops on how to build a 10 x 10 ft permaculture garden at our house. We already grow some food, so the workshop transformed an area on the side of the garden that wasn’t being used (part of it was still grass) into a lovely new self-contained vegetable garden.

I learned about sheet mulching, no-dig gardening, crop rotations, and much much more. If you want to start growing food, or if you’ve been growing for years and want some new ideas, I can’t recommend Erin’s courses enough if you get a chance – she’s an amazing farmer, growing food for 5 families in a typical front and back-yard house in East Van.

From start to finish (raw materials to planted garden): The 10 x 10 permaculture garden in photos.

(Actually the space we had was 8 x 12, so we adapted the design a little!)

Happy growing…

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    Given the huge environmental impact on importing foods, I’m very much in favor of anything that promotes locally grown food. And what could be more “local” than your very own backyard?

    Interesting concept — that sheet mulching. I never heard of it until I Googled it just now. I’ve always had problems with poor soil and I thought if I just kept dumping on more topsoil that would fix my problem. Not!

    You’ve re-inspired me to get my soil fixed and to get started on growing my own food!


    The Wood Gates Guy

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