Liberal Leadership 2013: Popular Vote

The results of the 2013 Liberal leadership race were announced on Sunday. The data the Liberal Party have published now include riding-by-riding specific results, but they aren’t in a particularly convenient format, and don’t include the popular vote.

However, the published data does include both the total votes cast in each riding, and the points for each candidate, and that gives us all we need to calculate the popular vote. (The points for each candidate are that candidate’s percentage of the popular vote. Multiply points by the total valid votes cast in each riding and you have the actual number of votes each candidate received.)

That’s what I’ve done here, en mass. I used some automated scripting to pull all the results for each riding from the Liberal page, and tabulate it (clicking on each riding would be a little tedious). I then dropped that all into a google spreadsheet that calculates the popular vote.

The results: Trudeau got 78% of the popular vote, and pro-cooperation candidate Joyce Murray (who was almost unknown going into the race) picked up 12%.

Now, for the details (click on any title to load the source google spreadsheet)…

1. Raw data from the Liberal results page, with popular vote calculated

2. Totals of popular vote and points:

3. Interactive Graph of Popular Vote

4. Pivot table, showing popular vote totals by province:

Final thought: if “blank ballot” had actually been a candidate, it would have beaten both Coyne and McCrimmon.

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3 Responses to “Liberal Leadership 2013: Popular Vote”

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    Nice work, Matthew despite the non-open openness of the LPC data.

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    I did some research on all the candidates, probably more than some of the people voting. Personally I think Deborah Coyne would have made a better leader based on her experiences and McCrimmon probably could have taken more Conservative votes than Justin will be able to do.

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    Really appreciate this breakdown, @matthewfcarroll & @leadnowca … Like Rod, before casting my vote (& order of preference from #1-#6), really researched each candidate, reviewed #lpcldr cross-country debates, LPC Ntl Showcase leadership candidate speeches, website policy platforms, etc. … & did both confirm my #1 choice, but also change my #2 – #6 rankings … So doubly appreciate work you’ve done, as this breakdown reveals very interesting voter patterns & provides much clear picture re each candidate’s results, regional results, etc. Will definitely share widely! Merci!

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