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Save Hockey Youth Summit Youth Statement to UN Plenary

I took over 1000 photos at the recent Global Climate Change Negotiations and lots of people have asked me for copies. A number of the best photos from various events are online on this site already, and I will be posting more soon, but by popular request I am also producing a limited number of DVDs with a full archive of all the photos I took in Montreal. These are available for $20 and will include all the original high-resolution photos — 6 mega-pixels, great for making prints from — plus as many other bonus goodies as I can fit on the DVD.

Unfortunately I can’t get them out in time for Christmas, but if you would like a copy, please send a cheque or money order for $20 per DVD (US dollars is OK) to:

[Address removed since it is out of date - please contact me if you'd like a copy of the DVD.]

Please don’t send cash, it’s not safe, and paypal is evil so I don’t use it ;-)

If you’re outside North America, contact me first so I can check the postage cost. Remember to include your name and address, and please send me an email or instant message to let me know once you’ve mailed the money, since I’m making the DVDs to order.

Finally, I do stand by my commitment to make my campaigning photos available free for non-profit use, so if you want high resolution copies of any of the photos on this site, let me know.

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